Facts about foods

  1.  Pringles once had a lawsuit trying to prove that they weren’t really potato chips.
  2. Back in the 1800s, people believed tomatoes had a powerful healing property for curing the likes of diarrhea, jaundice and indigestion.People took both ketchup and tomato pills in the hope of feeling better.
  3. Honey is combination of nectar and bee vomit. ewww!!
  4. Banana can fight against depression. have a banana and feel relaxed!!!
  5. Ever wondered why peppers are hot? It’s because of capsaicin, a chemical compound, that tricks your sensory nerves causing you to feel like your mouth is being burned.
  6. If you’re into natural beauty, boil some beetroot in water and then wash your hair in the water – it helps to cure dandruff, wow ❤
  7. The first food ever to be microwaved was popcorn. The second was an egg which exploded in the face of the experimenter. Poor guy.
  8. Apples can wake you up in the morning better than coffee due to their high levels of fructose. Who’d have thought?
  9. If you eat too many carrots, you may turn you slightly orange due to the beta carotene found in them. Unfortunately, they won’t make you see in the dark…
  10. The amount of jars of nutella sold in a year could cover The Great Wall of China eight times. Something we’d love to see.
  11. If you need to speed up the ripening process of an avocado, put a banana or apple around it. Fruits such as these give off ethylene gas which creates the effect.
  12. If you are suffering from plasma cells deficiency, then Coconut is a best substitute for blood plasma which is highly consumed by people suffering from jaundice and dengue.
  13. You might often complaint about the bad food served in airplanes. In reality, it’s not their fault because our sense of smell and taste decrease from 20% to 50% resulting in tasteless food.
  14. Oranges are berries, as are bananas. Strawberries however are not techinically berries, they are aggregate fruits,

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