Taking a shot of alcohol burns your throat here is the reason behind it….

when ever some one drink a shot of hard liquor feels the burning sensation on the way down to the throat. Its not due to the liquor but the ethanol present in it. Ethanol in the liquid makes your throat’s VR1 heat receptors more sensitive, prompting them to perceive your own body temperature as hot. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should do shot after shot without fear of consequences. VR1 receptors activate at about 107°F, but ethanol lowers that to just 93 degrees. Body temperature is normally around 98.6°F, so when you feel that burning sensation, it’s because your body itself is now beyond the threshold for those heat receptors.

“The next time you take a shot and your eyes start watering, just remember it’s not the booze that’s hot, it’s you”


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