Felt sleepy after having heavy meals, ever wonder why???

After having a lots of fats and carbohydrates in our daily we usually feel drowsiness and we end up in taking nap, but ever thought why we feel these drowsiness after having our meals.

Well……….commonly in daily language these after meal drowsiness is known as food coma but in scientific terms, it’s called postprandial somnolence (“postprandial” means after a meal, “somnolence” means drowsiness. Scientists are so fancy). But why does it happen?

To understand the fact about the drowsinnes we need to know what actually happen when we take food. While we are chewing, our stomach produces the hormone gastrin, which triggers the production of the digestive juices that begin to break down the food. That food then moves into the small intestine as the gut releases the hormone enterogastrone, which regulates blood flow, among other things. Meanwhile, the pancreas releases insulin to promote the absorption of glucose from the carbohydrates in the meal. Insulin stimulates the transport of a variety of amino acids into the brain, including the infamous sleepy chemical known as tryptophan.

Chemical tryptophan is rensponsible for the sleepiness after the meal, but you can observe that we dont feel drowsiness after every meal this only happen  when we take heavy fatty meal.


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